Pulitzer prize winning theatre critic

Walter Kerr was a renowned New York theatre critic whose influence and importance was such that in 1990 the old Ritz Theater on West 48th Street was renamed in his honor.

Kerr taught drama before embarking on a career of criticism for publications like the New York Herald Tribune and the New York Times. He also wrote a number of books and a few plays.

He received the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism in 1978 and when he died in 1996 Broadway dimmed its lights in honor of him.

His Books

How Not to Write a Play (1955)

Criticism and Censorship (1957)

Pieces at Eight (1958)

The Decline of Pleasure (1962)

The Theatre in Spite of Itself (1963)

Tragedy and Comedy (1967)

Thirty Plays Hath November (1969)

God on the Gymnasium Floor (1971)

The Silent Clowns (1975)

Journey to the Center of the Theater (1979)


Walter Kerr Theater

New York City

In 1990, the old Ritz Theater on West 48th Street was renamed the Walter Kerr Theater in his honor.

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